Thursday, November 16, 2006

At last!! Faces behind the names. Glenn, on the left, is holding Finn, Therese is holding Ariel and Dean, Glenn's second eldest, has got Liam. Number six is only two months away now.

Over the last few weeks, we've had some great rain and it is almost possible to actually see the grass growing. The cows are loving it and if it keeps up then we'll have so much feed that we will be able to harvest sileage and hay next year.

Our weaner pigs have been very popular, with all of them destined for the Christmas table in one way or another. It is a surprise for many new buyers of our pork to learn that ham and bacon can be prepared without nitrates. The meat looks a little different and it tastes a whole lot better.

In our photo, you'll notice that Glenn's son, Dean, is with us. Nearly nineteen, Dean works for us and is responsible for most milkings and helping wherever else Glenn needs assistance. Dean managed the farm very competently recently while we had a well deserved holiday away from home. We are very grateful to Dean and for the time made available to Glenn to focus on other aspects of farming because of Dean's help.

Our next newsletter is due out in a couple of weeks, so keep posted for more updates on our farmlife.


At 1:53 pm, Blogger bigred said...

Hi there :) We've recently discovered Eden Hope milk and we love it! We live in Brooloo. Just wondering if there are any stockist local to the area. We had found you guys when we dropped into IGA Gympie. Also, do you have an email account where we can contact you on? We have a few questions in need of answering.

Juliet and Drew

At 9:12 pm, Blogger Trish said...

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