Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Where has the winter gone?! It hardly seems as though we experienced winter this year. Apart from the BIG frost early on and a smaller one a few weeks ago, there weren’t many other signs that winter was even here. Already our mulberry tree has ripe mulberries (much to the kids’ delight) and the temperature is hovering near 30°. The cows are enjoying the winter pastures still and with the warmer days the growth of the grasses and herbs can literally be seen a day later. One of our recent WWOOFers, Imke, from Germany, helped to get the cows in for milking and we were able to show her the new growth in the grass. Only two days after being grazed, there was nine centimetres (3½ inches) of new growth. That is the sort of growth we would expect in spring and Imke was with us in mid-winter. One can only imagine what summer will be like!

The end of August saw us having two days of stirring of BD500. For those who don’t know what BD500 is, it is a biologically and energetically alive substance that is sprayed over the pasture at specific times. Perhaps it is best if we explain a little about Biodynamics so all our subscribers and others who read our newsletter will learn and appreciate the beauty of this practice.

In the 1920s, Rudolph Steiner, an Austrian scientist and philosopher, was approached by a group of German farmers who were worried about the impacts of chemical farming (they could see way back then that there were higher inputs and less yield after only a few years of chemical farming). Steiner presented a series of eight lectures (now available as the book “Spiritual Foundations for the Renewal of Agriculture”) from which the biodynamic method of farming was developed. Even as far back as 1924 the use of chemicals in agriculture was causing concern with respect to the viability of seeds, deteriorating food quality and greater difficulties for the health of both livestock and crops. These farmers were also concerned that their farming systems were no longer sustainable. The biodynamic method of farming and gardening was developed by Dr. Rudolph Steiner as a way of addressing these fundamental problems. (Biodynamic Education Centre, Course Manual, Level One).

In his book Advanced Biodynamic Agriculture, How to make Biodynamics work better, A Short Course,
Hugh Lovel say


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